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CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint

Driving Project Success through Visibility, Communication, and Reporting

  • Visibility: Reduce risk and exposure by making your projects and portfolios accessible to key stakeholders.
  • Communication: Open up all lines of communication—from project manager to project sponsor and among the project team.
  • Reporting: Standardize project and portfolio reporting for consistent reviews and better decisonmaking.

The one common element across all organizations is projects. Everybody has them and everybody works on them. Even though the types of projects may differ, the goal is the same - invest in the right projects, complete them on time and on budget, and make the customer happy.


CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint 2010 helps you do all those things. PPM is a flexible project and portfolio management system designed to accommodate a number of project management scenarios from simple to complex.  With PPM, the benefits are clear:
  • Ensure you invest in projects that support business objectives
  • Deliver more effective outcomes influencing the top and bottom lines
  • Reduce risks and exposures and keep your resources committed and productive
  • Save time by eliminating inconsistencies in data collection, KPIs, and reporting
  • Drive customer satisfaction by improving the quality of your projects

The solution is also available for SharePoint 2007.


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Key Features


The core of PPM software is a flexible foundation for project management, giving project managers and project teams the tools they need to effectively manage individual projects.  This core project management functionality is supported by a variety of other key features, including:

  • Standardized project initiation and selection process
  • "Soup to Nuts" project management
  • Portfolio and Program Management
  • Social Communities and Portals
  • Resource Allocation
  • Mobility
  • Integration with Microsoft Project

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PPM is flexible, too. It can adapt to your specific processes and procedures. And, you can use only those modules that are applicable to your organization. Get started small and grow with PPM as your projects and processes change or mature. In addition, the unique design allows you to create as many dashboards, portfolios, or PMOs as you need. Now, every business owner can gain control and oversight over their projects.

PPM Solutions


CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint is the power behind many of our comprehensive solutions, including:

  • IT PPM – IT PPM is a comprehensive solution focused on helping IT invest in the right places, improve their decision making and prioritization, and manage and control their own work.
  • Portfolio Management With CorasWorks Portfolio Management, you can now see all the projects together, with consistent KPIs, data, and reports.
  • Project Management Office – The CorasWorks Project Management Office (PMO) helps you evaluate and select the right projects, and helps you to determine which projects best align with business objectives and require investment.