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CorasWorks Idea & Innovation Management

Giving Power to the People to Drive Profitable Revenue Growth



  • Drive Business Growth: Find the next great idea.
  • Reduce Costs: Continuous review and improvement to processes.
  • Engage Your Workforce: Leverage their creativity and wealth of knowledge.

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Increasingly, companies are competing based on their ability to effectively innovate. Whether it’s finding the next great product idea to generate more revenue, or continuously assessing and improving your existing processes to streamline them and drive down costs, the impact to the bottom line can be significant.

With the CorasWorks Idea & Innovation Management Solution for SharePoint 2010 you can tap into your full community of employees, partners, and customers to capture the spark of an idea and the insight and information needed to rank and develop ideas, ultimately driving innovation in your organization. This robust end-to-end solution provides a rich, web experience for idea capture and collaboration, along with structured review, evaluation, and approval, and, the ability to integrate with activities that drive execution. Manage the full lifecycle of innovation management from idea inception all the way through development and implementation.


The solution is also available for SharePoint 2007.


Innovation Management, Idea Management: Three Phases of CorasWorks Idea Management Solution



  • Drive business growth
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Encourage innovation and "thinking outside the box"
  • Harness the wisdom, creativity, and passion of your workforce and key stakeholders.
  • Ensure action and followup - don't let things slip through the cracks.


Idea Community
  • Rich, web experience for idea capture and collaboration
  • Ranking, star rating, pulsing, automatic promotion, and commenting
  • Reporting and dashboards with What’s Hot, most popular, recently submitted, and more
  • Multiple standing idea communities, campaigns, and contests
  • Structured review, evaluation, and approval processes
  • Stage-Gate management process and reporting
  • Management hubs with structured review forms, voting, and processes
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Decision making and recording
  • Drive and track downstream activities and followup

CorasWorks Idea & Innovation Management software is flexible to meet the demands of almost any organization.  It can adapt to your specific processes and procedures.  And, you can use only those modules that are applicable to your organization.  Get started small and grow with Idea & Innovation Management as your objectives and processes change or mature.  In addition, the unique design allows you to create as many portals, communities, hubs, or processes as you need.  Now, every business owner can benefit from Idea & Innovation Management.


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The CorasWorks Idea & Innovation Management Solution is powered by Cim 2.1.  Also check out our Social Business Process and our Social Collaboration solutions.