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Extend and Integrate

Extend and Integrate

Your COTS Solutions

You can get started quickly with an off-the-shelf CorasWorks solution.  You can easily Customize and Enhance those solutions.  But often, you need to take them further to optimize the user experience or eliminate any remaining seams across your work environment.  With CorasWorks, the means to do this are at your fingertips.

Extend Our COTS Solution

Create custom configured dashboards, work consoles, and portals that are role-based and that optimize the work of users. Add customer portals. Provide business groups with work consoles that optimize their work. Create processes for supporting departmental activities such as Finance and Administration, Legal, HR, Engineering, R&D, Estimating, Security, Executives, Operations and Program Management.

Integrate with All SharePoint Resources

Not everything in your SharePoint environment needs to be based upon CorasWorks. Your CorasWorks solutions can natively integrate with any other SharePoint resources in your environment. Integrate with an existing Proposal Center or enhance its functionality. Leverage existing knowledge assets. Allow business users to see, contribute and act from wherever they work in your Intranet.

Integrate with External Systems and Services

CorasWorks provides you with a robust integration framework enabling you to integrate with just about any external systems. Integrate with you CRM such as Deltek GovWin, Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. Integrate with you Financial Systems/ERP, your HR system, custom database systems. Just about any system can become part of your work environment powered by CorasWorks.

Enabling Developers to Go Much Further

The CorasWorks platform comes with a number of powerful application services that enable developers to do advanced customization without custom compiled code. Key services are:

  • CorasWorks Application Service – CAPS is a REST-like API providing a robust, client side development environment that leverages the extensive SharePoint object model
  • CorasWorks BCS support – natively integrating Microsoft Business Connectivity Services connections with CorasWorks displays, user interfaces, action framework, forms, and reports
  • Custom Form services – to customize the look and feel of your user forms
  • Remote Connection Services – providing user driven updates and automation.

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