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Customize and Enhance

Customize and Enhance

Your COTS Solutions

With CorasWorks off-the-shelf solutions you can get started quickly. And, we make it easy for you to customize and enhance your solutions to meet your unique way of working. You don’t have to be an IT pro, just an expert in your business. Unlike, proprietary software or custom built systems the rich configuration environment of CorasWorks assumes that you will want to drive innovation and have it your way. You are no longer limited by the release cycle of your software vendor or the time constraints and costs of your internal IT group.

Designed for Customization

CorasWorks solutions are designed to be customized. You can customize the look and feel, the process, forms, fields, and data, the displays, the user actions, the security, the workflow, notifications, reports, dashboards. And, that is just the beginning.

The CorasWorks Design Canvas...Empowering Business Users

Each module of a CorasWorks solution comes with the CorasWorks Design Canvas. Power users will love it. This visual design and configuration tool empowers mere mortal business users to customize their way of working with drag and drop simplicity. It’s now easy to change forms and fields of displays. You can easily modify email notifications to get it just right. You can automate work with our actions wizard. All without having to disturb your IT people.

Configure Reports and Dashboards

With CorasWorks this is a snap. You can quickly configure tabular reports to meet your needs with onboard export to Excel, CSV, PDF and Word. You can create rich graphics of information with context-sensitive drilldown to data. You can easily create dashboards that slice, dice, and put the information at the fingertips of users.

Enhance by Adding Your Own Features

Your out-of-the-box solutions are just the beginning. With the open application software of CorasWorks it is just as easy for you to add your own new features to a solution. Unlike proprietary software or custom built systems you don’t have to wait on someone else. Just do it. Leverage the CorasWorks tools to add new features and data. Add new workflows. Add system automation so that CorasWorks will do work in the background and keep people undated with alerts.

Need More Advance Customizations?

We support that also, but, you’ll need some more skills. See how you can Extend and Integrate your solutions and even Create New Applications.

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