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Professional Services – Proven Methodologies. . .that Work!


At CorasWorks, we want you to succeed. Whether your organization's goal is project management, managing and implementing ideas and innovation, or creating custom solutions on SharePoint, we have a comprehensive set of services that address your current and emerging business challenges. With our proven approaches to designing, configuring, and customizing solutions, we can help your organization achieve operational excellence, improve practice management, and deliver an overall experience that maximizes your return on investment.

Solution Implementation Services

CorasWorks has several “out of the box” solutions, including Project and Portfolio Management, Idea & Innovation Management, Capture & Proposal Management, and IDIQ Task Order Management. To ensure you get started on the path to success, CorasWorks offers specific implementation services around these solutions. These services are designed to get you up and running quickly with our solutions and to help ensure your organization is trained up and ready to use and administer the solutions. These comprehensive services work from the ground up: from a thorough review of your SharePoint environment, to solution deployment, and finally to training. In short, our Implementation Services are designed to give you all the tools you need to get started and be successful with your solution.

Custom Solutions and Services

There are times when you may need a solution that CorasWorks does not provide “out of the box.” In those cases, CorasWorks Professional Services will work with you to define, design, architect, and implement a custom solution that meets your exact needs and requirements. The objective is to help you rapidly build a working solution or application and leave you with the knowledge you need to not only use the solution or application, but administer and manage it over time.

Leveraging our Corasworks Software Platform and proven methodologies, we can architect and deliver custom solutions in one-fifth the time and at half the cost of custom application development. Examples of the custom solutions we’ve delivered can be seen on our Customer Solutions page.