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Santa Claus Uses CorasWorks Software on SharePoint to Improve Operations at North Pole

Santa, Elves Building Applications for Christmas List Aggregation, Naughty/Nice Notifications, Real-time Weather Updates and More

Reston, VA – December 22, 2009 – CorasWorks Corporation, a leading provider of applications and application development software for Microsoft SharePoint, today announced that Santa Claus is using CorasWorks software to improve operations at the North Pole.

Historically a paper-based operation, the North Pole recently invested in both the CorasWorks Workplace Suite and the Data Integration Toolset. The two products combine to create a robust application environment on which the North Pole can download and install plug-and-play apps from the CorasWorks App Store or build and run its own custom apps.

“We want to leverage SharePoint for applications, but of course our elves are focused on toy making, tending our reindeer, and other things,” said Santa Claus. “We don’t have the time or resources to build our own apps. That’s why we invested in CorasWorks. We can download and use its apps, or we can use the software to build our own custom apps much faster and easier.”

While Santa understands the value of the CorasWorks plug-and-play apps and the online App Store, he said the North Pole’s first objective was to use CorasWorks to build their own custom apps.

“What we do up here is pretty custom,” said Santa. “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Specifically, Santa Claus and the North Pole are using CorasWorks to build several different applications, including:
  • List Aggregation and Tracking Application – With Christmas lists coming in from around the world, managing all of the individual lists was a real problem. Using CorasWorks, Santa was able to aggregate all the individual lists into one master view. No more shuffling through reams of lists, now Santa can go to one place to see all the items on all the lists, grouped of course, by the requestor.
  • Naughty/Nice Email Notification System - With changes being made to this list frequently, Santa required a way to stay up to date with the most recent changes. With CorasWorks, Santa receives custom notifications immediately when a change is made anywhere. All other gift production, assignment, and delivery related workflows can be updated appropriately and deserving children receive their gifts on time!
  • Weather Mash Up Application – At the North Pole, external weather reports are gathered from multiple sources, none of which are SharePoint based. For example, there is the Heat Miser based in Miami, storing his data on a mix of old mainframe systems and Notes applications. And then there is the Cold Miser based in Minneapolis, using all SQL Server. CorasWorks mashes up data from all those sources to provide one comprehensive view of worldwide weather conditions to ensure flawless global navigation on Christmas Eve. Even with Rudolph, Santa appreciates accurate weather reports!
  • Delivery Status and Tracking Dashboard – While Santa is off delivering toys around the world, his operational support team back at the North Pole needs to constantly be aware of Santa’s status… many houses he has visited, his next scheduled stops, percent of journey complete, and more. Using CorasWorks, the North Pole built a real-time dashboard for use by the Operations team so they can track and monitor Santa in real time.
“You can imagine what it was like with all those lists,” said Santa Claus, discussing the List Aggregation and Tracking app. “All those lists are coming in from all over the world, and it made it very difficult for the elves to plan their toy making. We basically had to work one list at a time. Now with CorasWorks, we can aggregate all those lists into a single view so now the elves know exactly how many dolls they need, how many racecars, and so on. It allows us to run a much more efficient process.”

Claus mentioned that the North Pole is planning many more applications using CorasWorks, including a reindeer training app, a materials requisition and approval app for toy making, a time off request app for the elves, and a sleigh maintenance app. In fact, Santa said many of the elves are planning to build and submit applications to the CorasWorks App Store.

“We are very proud to have Santa Claus as a customer,” said Mark Ernstmann, Vice President of Marketing at CorasWorks. “Santa and the entire North Pole team have been a pleasure to work with, and we are proud that our software is being used to help brighten the lives of so many children and adults around the world.”

Ernstmann said Santa has volunteered to be a reference for CorasWorks, as well. He said CorasWorks will use Santa’s reference to help gain and improve the operations of other customers, such as the Easter Bunny, Cupid, the Tooth Fairy, and Baby New Year.

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