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Partner Overview

Partner Overview


CorasWorks is committed to building and maintaining a global network of high quality partners horizontally across the SharePoint marketspace. Regardless of the type of partnership we have with our Partners, the common goal is the same – to develop mutually beneficial relationships that drive expanded market opportunities, profitability and value.

If you are currently providing SharePoint-related services, applications and/or solutions to your customers, the CorasWorks Partner programs can add significant value to your existing offerings.

We offer various types of partnerships, covering a wide range of business models as follows:

Service Providers/Resellers

Partners who provide SharePoint consulting and related Professional Services to design, deliver and support CorasWorks solutions and applications and custom-built solutions and applications that leverage CorasWorks technologies.  These partners may also be Resellers.  Resellers are partners who resell or refer our integrated solutions and other product offerings.  Resellers also include those large resellers who strictly act as a distribution channel for CorasWorks solutions and applications.

Technology and OEM PartnersPartners who have complementary products in and around the SharePoint space, for which the partnership and relationship proves to be mutually beneficial.  Technology Partners may also include those who embed CorasWorks products to provide specific capabilities and function, or who bundle and rebrand our software to extend their solution.
SharePoint Training PartnersPartners who provide leading Training & Education to customers in need of focused, in–depth training on the SharePoint platforms.

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