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Change Request Management
for SharePoint 2010


A good change request process requires at least two core pieces: capturing change requests and a process to decide what changes to implement.  Leveraging CorasWorks Cim on SharePoint 2010, you can go beyond these basics to create a far more effective process powered by rich social business collaboration.   

Working in a community experience, users can contribute and collaborate from anywhere across SharePoint.  This visibility and access increases the requests that you capture and makes sure that they are vetted by a community of users.   Managers and reviewers have their own place to drive the process.  You get a configurable stage-gate process with task automation, document management, workflow, and email notification to drive CRs through the process.  This structure is complemented by a robust collaborative review feature providing for private voting, commenting, and, scored reviews.

All of the activity from contributing, community collaboration and the management process feeds the Cim Activity Stream so that all participants can know what is going on without having to go anywhere to check. The application provides reporting and the ability to push approved change requests into downstream SharePoint sites for implementation.

Change Request Management for SharePoint 2010 is a flexible application that can be customized to meet your needs in scenarios such as Product Change Requests, End-User Application Requests, and IT System Change Requests. 


  • Change Request Portal with collaborative community and rich social collaboration features
  • Configurable stage-gate process with task automation
  • Private Collaborative Management reviews, voting, and commenting
  • Configurable process, workflow, email notification and Activity Stream actions
  • Feeds users Cim Activity Stream for collaborative and process activities
  • Requires CorasWorks Cim v2.1+ - Social Business Application Suite for SharePoint 2010
  • Requires SharePoint 2010
  • Custom implemented via CorasWorks Professional Services or Certified CorasWorks Partners

CorasWorks is a leading provider of business applications and solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and social platform. More than 1,000 customers and 1 million users worldwide trust CorasWorks to help them achieve their business objectives with less cost, less risk, and less complexity. CorasWorks is a Gold-certified Microsoft ISV Partner and is headquartered in Reston, VA, USA.