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Urgent Universal Needs Statement
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Urgent Universal Needs Statement (Urgent UNS)

The U.S. Marine Corps uses Urgent UNS to submit, track, and approve requests for a variety of equipment, training, and other capabilities that improve the effectiveness of the war fighter.  Prior to the implementation of the current Urgent UNS based on CorasWorks on SharePoint, such requests were processed through a paper-based system that sometimes resulted in lengthy delays for the requests and a lack of visibility for key stakeholders, including the war fighter, Marine Corps General staff, and even high-ranking government officials.

Using the CorasWorks-based system, the Marine Corps has now shaved off nearly 85% of the processing time of the requests, thereby ensuring timely delivery of these critical capabilities to the war fighter.  In addition, the web-based nature of the system and the real-time reporting functions make it possible for all key stakeholders to access the system and see status on all requests.

Key features of Urgent UNS include:

  • Ability to request, review, and approve Urgent UNS through a secure, web-based portal
  • Workflow to move the requests through the review and approval process
  • Real-time reporting on the status of all Urgent UNS
  • Email notifications/triggers
  • Conditional formatting (red, yellow, green) to indicate status of requests and also to highlight requests that meet (or fail to meet) certain criteria or deadlines
  • Dashboards with key metrics
  • Ability to automatically generate "virtual briefs," which are replacements for manual PowerPoint decks
  • Visualization tool for creating "mind map"-like displays of related data.