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CorasWorks Software Platform v11

CorasWorks Software Platform

Visually Design and Build Work Management Solutions on SharePoint

The CorasWorks Software Platform is the power behind your work management solutions on Microsoft SharePoint. It is the only true enterprise software platform on SharePoint and makes it easy to interact with SharePoint to architect and deliver rich business solutions on SharePoint. With the CorasWorks Software Platform, you can save significant time and money and enable everyone in your organization to create solutions.

The Platform offers something for everyone. Non-developers can use our visual design tools to quickly and easily drag-and-drop your way to rich, dynamic work management solutions. For the developers, we offer an API to develop more sophisticated features and solutions using familiar web development tools.

When anyone in your organization can build solutions faster and easier—without sacrificing quality—it makes everyone happy.

The CorasWorks Application Designer

Application Designer

One of the key features of our Software Platform is the CorasWorks Application Designer. The AppDesigner is a visual design tool that makes it easy for non-developers to create applications on SharePoint. It leverages our innovative, drag-and-drop design canvas and point-and-click wizards to enable almost everyone in your organization to create applications without writing a single line of code.

The CorasWorks Application Service API

Application Designer

If you’re comfortable with code and want to go beyond or extend what you can do with the AppDesigner, the Platform also includes our CorasWorks Application Service API (CAPS). CAPS is a REST-like interface that enables client-side web developers to build applications on SharePoint using familiar web development tools, such as jQuery, javascript, JSON, HTML, and XML.

Additional Features and Capabilities

Application Designer

The Platform includes a unique set of additional features and capabilities that add to and entend the AppDesigner and CAPS. These features and capabilities provide a breadth and flexibility that is unmatched in the SharePoint market.

Benefits of the CorasWorks Software Platform v11

  • Build Solutions Faster—Build dynamic work management solutions in less time, at less cost, and with less risk using our visual design tools.

  • Bring All the Pieces Together – Bring all the various pieces you need for a solution—content, views, forms, rules, security, reporting, and dashboards—together in one interface that is easy to use and understand.

  • Realize Immediate Business Value—It really can be immediate. Within minutes, create a site, access our tools, and start dragging and dropping.

  • Build Many Solutions—It’s not a one-shot deal. With our tools you can build as many solutions as you want or need. And you benefit from using the same tools every time.

  • Simple or Sophisticated…Take Your Pick—Simple or sophisticated. Non-developer or developer. We offer something for everyone.