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Case Study: Enterprise Proposal Center


Customer: Top 30 Federal Government Contractor, revenues in excess of $1 billion




A mission critical activity for every Federal contractor is proposals. For this Federal contractor, its approach to managing the proposal development process was the challenge. Each business group was responsible for its own proposal development using whatever tools were available, such as email, desktop tools, or other existing corporate systems. There was no standardized proposal development process or centralized system. The decentralized approach was compartmentalized, provided little visibility to management or other business groups, was rampant with unmanaged risks, and resulted in significant duplication and resource inefficiencies.

To address some of these challenges, the organization formed a Proposal Center.  However, it still did not have the tools to structure or automate the proposal development work.  Off-the-shelf vendor offerings did not provide the level of flexibility required to support the organization’s goal to offer a broad and evolving set of services to meet the needs of the different business groups.


The organization acquired another organization that had a formalized proposal management system in place. The system was built using CorasWorks on SharePoint and was adopted for use by the Proposal Center. The system is flexible enough to support different types of proposals, including the standard RFP response, proposals that include external teaming partners, and proposal “projects,” where only certain sections of a proposal are required, such as Past Performance or Personnel. Depending on the type of proposal, the system supports the specific process, flow, and structure, including task orientation to structured review methodologies (red team, green team, etc.). The system is supported by integrated Knowledge Repositories that can be leveraged across proposals. The system also integrates with enterprise systems such as SAP ERP/HR and Deltek GovWin CRM.


With the Proposal Center and proposal management system, the organization has centralized its proposal management process and now supports more than 400 proposal development projects per year, driving more than $250 million in new business. With this centralized approach, management now has a greater degree of visibility into the proposals that are being developed and submitted and into the development process in general. The visibility has significantly reduced the risk associated with the development activities and has also significantly reduced the duplication and level of effort required for the proposals.

The flexibility of the CorasWorks-based system has allowed the organization to continually improve its proposal management system and modify and extend the system as the needs of the organization change. The majority of the changes can be completed by internal staff, further reducing costs, speeding time to improvement, and enabling the continual innovation.

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