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CorasWorks is proud to provide SharePoint-based solutions to the U.S. Federal Government, including the DoD/Intel communities and many Civilian Agencies.  These customers have come to trust CorasWorks for building, implementing, and managing solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. With CorasWorks, you benefit from our proven track record of delivering reliable, stable, and secure solutions that meet the needs of the agency, the people, and the Country.


DoD / Intel

  • US Navy (NWSC, ONI, CNIC)
  • US Air Force (Andrews AFB, Los Angeles AFB)
  • US Special Operations Command (SOCUM, JSOC, NAVSOC)
  • Central Intelligence Agency

Civilian Agencies

  • US Dept. of Homeland Security (OCIO, FEMA)
  • US Dept. of Commerce (NIST)
  • US Dept. of Energy (JHU APL, Richland Operations Office, Office of River Protection)
  • US Dept. of Justice (US District Courts, Office of Justice Programs, FBI Terrorism Unit)
  • US Dept. of State (HR IRM, Diplomatic Security, Foreign Service Institute, Office of Global Aids Coordinator)
  • US Dept. of Transportation (FAA)
  • US Dept. of the Treasury (OIG)

Key Solutions

The foundation for all of our solutions is the CorasWorks Software Platform.  Now in its 11th version, our software platform is an integrated set of features, capabilities, and services that make it possible to architect and deliver business solutions on SharePoint in less time, at less cost, and with less risk.

Program Management – Program Management is a way of life within the Federal Government. Our Program Management solutions provide visibility, consistency, reporting, structure, and control to the myriad of activities, tasks, and projects that fall under a specific program.  We leverage our CorasWorks PPM for SharePoint product as the foundation for our program management solutions.

Read how the U.S. Army is leveraging CorasWorks for Program Management.

Request Management – Many of your critical business processes can be defined as Request Management solutions.  These solutions usually begin with a request that has to be moved through a pre-defined process, with stage-gates, approvals, notifications, and alerts.  Our Request Management solutions map to your critical business processes to automate, structure, and streamline the flow of information.  The foundation for our Request Management solutions is the CorasWorks Software Platform

Read how the U.S. Marines are using CorasWorks for a material request and tracking application.

Knowledge Management – Every Federal entity is inundated with data and information it must capture, track, develop, share, and use.  Whether it’s Congressionally mandated or simply an internal need, our Knowledge Management solutions provide the core framework for managing the information through the entire lifecycle. These solutions are primarily powered by our CorasWorks Software Platform and CorasWorks for Idea & Innovation Management.  Leveraging these products, we can work with you to design a system to meet your exact needs, including methods for capturing information, structured processes for tracking it, mechanisms for sharing it, and reporting.

Read how the U.S. Navy is using CorasWorks for a configuration management solution.

Qualifications / Certifications

  • US Army (Certificate of Networthiness)
  • US Dept of State
  • US Dept of Homeland Security (Technical Reference Manual)
  • US Navy/USMC (DADMS)

Contract Vehicles

CorasWorks and HumanTouch, LLC offer a variety of contract vehicles to its Federal, State, and Local customers. You can view a list of those vehicles by clicking the link below. For questions or more information, please contact us at

Available Contract Vehicles