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CorasWorks for Federal Government Contractors

CorasWorks for Federal Government Contractors

Federal Government Contractors are under increasing competitive pressure. They must continue to find ways to do more, do it better, at less cost. CorasWorks provides software that empowers you to achieve these business objectives.

Since 2003, CorasWorks has provided Federal Government Contractors with Work Management software that runs on Microsoft SharePoint. Leveraging the unique flexibility of the CorasWorks Work Management platform, organizations are empowered to buy and/or build applications that drive better business results at less cost and risk than traditional proprietary and custom developed software approaches.

Now, you can add value quickly by leveraging our purpose-built, off-the-shelf solutions for Federal Government Contractor business development. Or, you can build or buy additional applications for BD, Operations, Finance, HR, Engineering, Legal and most other business functions to drive your efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

With CorasWorks you get the best combination of COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software and customization flexibility to empower you to do more, do it better, and for less.

COTS Solutions for Business Development

Your business starts with acquiring business. Stay ahead of the competition with these purpose-built, COTS solutions for Business Development.

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WinCenterTM - Integrated Capture and Proposal Management
IDIQ Task Order Management

WinCenter is a purpose-built solution for Federal Government Contractors created by the partnership of Lohfeld Consulting Group and CorasWorks.  It brings together the industry-standard best practices for capture and proposal management and the power and flexibility of the CorasWorks Work Management platform running on Microsoft SharePoint.

The result is a breakthrough solution that fully integrates capture and proposal management activities and information into a seamless process. Learn why leading Federal Contractors are adopting WinCenter and leaving behind legacy applications, siloed functions, custom-coded SharePoint environments, and unproductive ways of working.

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The IDIQ vehicle has become a major source of revenue opportunities for Federal Government Contractors.  Our purpose-built, IDIQ solution provides you with a complete system that makes it possible to be efficient with the high volume of task orders, while also optimizing your ability to manage the proposal response.

See how this flexible solution is being used to manage enterprise-wide IDIQ Centers, enabling business units to manage the full lifecycle of Task Orders, and empowering small businesses to get going quickly with their first IDIQ as a prime contractor.

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Do More with Less with CorasWorks

With the CorasWorks work management platform at your fingertips, you are setting yourself up to succeed. You can get going quickly with off-the-shelf solutions. You can easily customize and enhance your solutions. You can extend your solutions and integrate them with external systems. And, you can create your own applications. It is the way software needs to be to empower you to succeed.

Customize & Enhance

Extend & Integrate

Create New Applications

Our off-the-shelf solutions get you started quickly. That is the beginning. CorasWorks empowers you to easily customize your solution to meet your evolving needs and even enhance your solution by adding new features. You are no longer locked into your vendor. You are no longer dependent on advanced IT skills. You can innovate and have it your way.

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The flexibility of CorasWorks enables you to extend your solution and integrate it with other systems to go beyond what you get out of the box. You can integrate with existing SharePoint applications, create solution extensions to work with other departments, optimize the user experience of employees, partners, and customers, and integrate with external systems such as your CRM, HR, Financial and Accounting, or custom systems.

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With CorasWorks you are empowered to create your own applications in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches. Learn about the applications that our Federal Contractor customers have created to serve a broad range of needs for Business Development, Operations, Finance and Administration and Engineering.

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