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Enhanced and Extended Proposal Management

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Case Study: Enhanced and Extended Proposal Management


Customer: $250-million+ Federal Government Contractor




This customer is a fast growing $250M Federal IT Services contractor. They wanted to enhance and extend their existing proposal development system to drive greater visibility and collaboration, increase efficiency, and, support a greater volume of activity.  Their existing system was based upon native SharePoint incorporating a standard capture and proposal methodology based upon Lohfeld Associates and the Shipley color review process.  However, each proposal was a silo. They wanted to open up the system to enable more collaborative work with the Business Groups and with Teaming Partners.  And, they also wanted to integrate the Proposal system with their opportunity management system Deltek GovWin CRM and their Contract Management system. 


The organization selected CorasWorks as the basis for their new system.  They started by upgrading their existing native SharePoint proposal sites and system to a CorasWorks based system while maintaining their core Lohfeld/Shipley methodology.  Using CorasWorks they were able to automate many previously manual activities to provide an immediate benefit to the proposal development work.  This became the core of their new Proposal Center.

This core proposal system was then extended in 3 key ways using CorasWorks: 

  • They integrated the system with Deltek GovWin CRM to provide bi-directional inter-activity.

  • They gave each Business Group work consoles that enabled them to track opportunities (in CRM) and interact with ongoing proposal work.  It became a single place for them to work. 

  • They integrated the system with their Contract Administration system to provide access to this information and interactivity.


The new Proposal Center is now supporting more than 400 proposal work items (RFPs, Task Orders, and Proposal Tasks).  The Proposal Center team has a more efficient way of working between business groups and the central proposal team.  They have since extended the system further to incorporate work on IDIQ Task Orders driven by Program Managers in the business groups.  As part of the CorasWorks-based IDIQ Task Order system, they implemented partner-specific Working Sites that allow partners to interact in the Task Order process.  Their next step is to leverage the same Partner Environment to enable partners to interact with standard RFP proposal work.

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