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CorasWorks Cim 2.1 for Microsoft SharePoint
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CorasWorks Cim 2.1 for Microsoft SharePoint

Unleash the Power of Your Organization with the Right Blend of People and Process



  • Engage Your Employees: Enhance collaboration to leverage the creativity, wisdom, and passion of your employees. 

  • Drive Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Drive Growth, Reduce Costs.

  • Leverage People-Driven Processes: Add your most valuable resource to your processes.



Every organization needs to tap the knowledge, expertise, experiences, and skills of its workforce to stay competitive and achieve business results. The question is not whether an organization should do it, but how they should do it.


CorasWorks Cim for Microsoft SharePoint is social business software that enables organizations to leverage social collaboration tools in a business setting to harness the creativity, knowledge, and wisdom of their community and channel it to drive business results.


With Cim, organizations are more connected, more interactive, more open and more effective.  You get robust social collaboration combined with the processes and tools to deliver business value, all running natively on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

With Cim for SharePoint, the benefits are clear:

  • Harness the wisdom, creativity, and passion of your employees and key stakeholders
  • Drive business growth through innovation and improvement
  • Save time and resources by adding structure to ad hoc activities
  • Improve visibility and transparency into your business processes
  • Enable the right blend of people and process to unleash your effectiveness
  • Drive effectiveness by easily engaging people when and where you need them

Cim can adapt to your specific processes and procedures.  And, you can use only those modules that are applicable to your organization.  Get started small and grow with Cim as your projects and processes change or mature.  In addition, the unique design allows you to create as many communities, portals, or business processes as you need. 



Cim includes a robust set of capabilities that allows organizations to create social business applications to meet their specific needs. Whether its simple collaboration through communities of interest or practice, social business processes, or an enterprise solution that integrates with other systems, Cim provides the breadth and depth to get it done.


Learn more about the capabilities included with Cim.  



Cim Solutions 

Check out the below solutions that were built with Cim:

  • Idea & Innovation Management – Harness the creativity of your workforce to drive innovation through idea/innovation management.  Capture and crowdsource ideas then manage the ideas through a structured review, evaluation, and approval process.  Manage the full lifecycle from idea inception all the way through development and implementation.