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WinCenter for Integrated Capture and Proposal Management


Integrated Capture and Proposal Management

The GovCon industry has a well understood process and best practices for capture and proposal management. It is known that if the process is followed you win more. The problem is that the software tools have not kept pace, leaving organizations saddled with legacy systems, siloes, challenged to custom build their own tools, or, doing without and suffering through a chaotic work process.

You now have a better option. By combining the industry practitioner knowledge of Lohfeld Consulting Group with the flexible work management system of CorasWorks, we have created WinCenter - a comprehensive, flexible solution for integrated capture and proposal management, running on Microsoft SharePoint.

The Right Purpose-built Solution

WinCenter is an integrated, off-the-shelf software system for capture and proposal management that:

  • Incorporates the industry standard process, best practices, and knowledge
  • Efficiently automates your work
  • Is built on the COTS platform of CorasWorks and SharePoint
  • Is unusually flexible and easy to customize, enhance and extend to meet your unique needs.

Supporting and Enforcing Your Unique Process

WinCenter’s process design supports the industry-standard best practices. It provides management of the opportunity lifecycle through an actionable, stage-based process. It captures and drives your opportunity master schedule of customer milestones, gate reviews and color reviews. It assists the users, guiding them through the process to insure consistency while making their work easier and more convenient. All of these elements are configurable to meet the unique way that you work.

For Truly Integrated Capture and Proposal Work

With WinCenter, the gaps just go away. You now have a seamless system supporting both capture and proposal management.

Visibility That Drives Results

WinCenter provides you with ability to see activity across your life cycle. You can have consolidated reports and dashboards, easily configured to your desires. You can slice and dice information. You have standard metrics for pursuit progress assessments and objective Pwin calculations.

Centrally Managed Assets at the Fingertips of Users

With WinCenter, you can centrally manage your capture and proposal knowledge assets. In fact, it comes with a set of 80+ standard capture activities and narratives and more than 80 standard forms and templates used in the C&P process. Better yet, this information along with your working knowledge (boilerplate, past performance, graphics, past proposals etc.) is made available at the fingertips of users when and where they are working. This convenience means that the users actually re-use this knowledge to deliver better results.

Automates Your Work

A great deal of activity goes into a successful bid. WinCenter automates this work through closed-loop processes that drive users back into the system to get the work done. This eliminates the chaos, distraction, and noise of random email, activity, and multiple versions of documents. You are able to easily customize the existing workflows and notifications and add your own actions using the easy to use configuration wizards.

Features Users Love

  • Pinpoint Search enables users to quickly find just the information they need across the system.
  • Robust Version Control allows you to maintain control over your documents and all of the activity with them including assignments and reviews
  • My Work puts the actions items, document reviews, writer tasks at the fingertips of users
  • Opportunity 360 gives users a 360-degree view of the activity for each opportunity
  • Document Fetch allows users to find and fetch assets such as forms and boilerplate
  • Co-authoring empowers users to view and modify documents at the same time. Great for ad hoc reviews and color reviews
  • The Design Canvas empowers managers to modify the experience of users on the fly with visual, drag and drop simplicity such as changing the role-based security, gate and color reviews, and features for each proposal.

The Flexibility to have It Your Way

Every organization is different. And, every organization needs to make changes as they uncover better ways of working. WinCenter, powered by CorasWorks, is an unusually flexible system. The result is that you are no longer limited by your software. It can be deployed differently. It is easy to customize and enhance (such as adding your own new features) to meet evolving needs. You can extend it and integrate it with other applications on SharePoint and with external systems such as Deltek GovWin, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. This flexibility means that you are free to continually improve your results.

The Right Platform

WinCenter runs on Microsoft SharePoint, either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the most widely adopted collaboration infrastructure in the world. It is built using the CorasWorks Work Management application platform. Since 2003, our platform, now in version 11, has been leveraged by more than 1,000 organizations and more than 1,000,000 users to meet their work management needs.

You can read more about the WinCenterTM by visiting The Lohfeld Consulting Group.

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