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IDIQ Task Order Management

IDIQ Task Order Management

Successful Federal Contractors are mastering the art and science of winning business through the rapidly growing IDIQ vehicle. The greater use of multi-award IDIQ vehicles, smaller size IDIQs, need to support high-volume/quick proposal response turnaround, greater teaming requirements, and, increased scrutiny and customer reporting requirements make it challenging to master this way of winning business.

CorasWorks provides a purpose-built, flexible solution for IDIQ Task Order Management that enables organizations to optimize the process to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness based on their unique competitive strategy. Whether you are just becoming an IDIQ prime contractor, looking to build an IDIQ center and/or directly empower business groups, or, seeking new ways to enhance and extend your existing systems to be more competitive – CorasWorks can help you achieve your objective.

Complete solution for managing IDIQ contracts and task orders

  • Comprehensive, process based IDIQ Task Order management solution
  • Supporting multiple IDIQ vehicles and individual task orders
  • That automates the process of partner and business group surveys and bid decisions
  • And fully supports the task order proposal response process

Modular, extensible system to support your IDIQ scenario

  • For Enterprise-wide IDIQ Centers managing many IDIQs and a high volume of task orders
  • For Business groups closely managing individual IDIQs and the full life cycle including proposal response and post-award program management
  • For Small businesses that have won their first IDIQ as a prime contractor
  • For Combined scenarios and IDIQs requiring custom features

Driving the core task order process

With task orders time is short. Our system automates and drives the process of surveying teaming partners and business groups, making bid decisions, getting proposal responses done, and, tracking the in process activity and results.

Teaming partner engagement

Partners have an intelligent portal where they can respond to task order surveys, register future opportunities, and, work with you on proposals.

Task order workspaces and proposal automation

Being efficient with proposal responses is key to IDIQ success. Each task order has a secure workspace where subject matter experts, proposal managers and partners can work in a role-based environment. Easy and convenient access to re-usable proposal assets greatly increases efficiency and improves results.

Visibility, reporting, and dashboards at all levels

Get the visibility you need into the activity for specific task orders, by IDIQ vehicle, by business group, or agency and more. See activity and results by vehicle or across all IDIQs.

The flexibility to have it your way

Every organization is different. And, every organization needs to make changes as they uncover better ways of working. This is an unusually flexible system. The result is that you are no longer limited by your software. It can be deployed differently. It is easy to customize and enhance (such as adding your own new features) to meet evolving needs. You can extend it and integrate it with other applications on SharePoint and with external systems such as Deltek GovWin, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. This flexibility means that you are free to continually improve your results.

The right platform

Our IDIQ solution runs on Microsoft SharePoint, either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the most widely adopted collaboration infrastructure in the world. It is built using the CorasWorks Work Management application platform. Since 2003, our platform, now in version 11, has been leveraged by more than 1,000 organizations and more than 1,000,000 users to meet their work management needs.

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