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Help Desk and Ticketing 

Make everyone's life easier--from request to resolution



  • Increase Efficiency: Focus on addressing the request, not manual processes.
  • Improve Communication: Introduce transparency into the process and results.
  • Increase "Customer" Satisfaction: Improve visibility, solve problems faster, communicate better .

Many organizations have the need for some type of transaction-based ticketing system.  Some of the most popular examples are an IT help desk or some type of information request or submittal process.  Regardless of the “content” being handled, there is a need for an end-to-end solution that manages the request from submittal to resolution and ultimately to closure.

The CorasWorks Help Desk and Ticketing Solution is a robust end-to-end process on Microsoft SharePoint for managing requests across your organization.  Capture requests, track and report on the status of requests, and drive the process with workflow and notifications.  This full-featured solution includes work assignments, notifications, self-service, dashboards, and extensive management reports.


A key feature of the solution is self-service.  It allows end users to enter and track their own requests, thus saving the responders time and allowing them to focus on addressing the request.  Another element of self-service is making information available to the end user so they can solve their own problems, which reduces the burden on those responding to the requests.  This not only improves the productivity of the responders, but also of the end user.

To make it convenient for the end user, the CorasWorks solution allows you to add the self-service feature to any SharePoint site or page.  Simply drop the self-service web part on the page and it is ready for the user.


Everyone in the organization benefits from the solution.  End users can enter and track their own requests, plus search a knowledge base for answers.  “Responders” don’t have to spend time entering requests from email or over the telephone and can focus on addressing the requests.  Responders and managers benefit from dashboards and different views of the data. And managers also get robust reports on tickets opened, closed, in progress, and other key metrics.

No two organizations are the same, nor will they have the same needs and requirements for a help desk or ticketing solution.  The CorasWorks Professional Services team is available to implement and customize the solution to meet the particular needs of any organization.  Our solution runs on either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007.


  • Increase efficiencies by reducing manual effort
  • Increase visibility into the process and solutions
  • Improve communication for all stakeholders
  • Empower the end user through self-service
  • Improve “customer” satisfaction
  • Improve customer efficiency and productivity


  • Complete business process from submittal through close out
  • Work management dashboards, including “My” dashboards for “responders”
  • Dynamic, real-time dashboards and reporting for management
  • Assignment and escalation processes
  • Email notifications
  • Workflow
  • Mobile-enablement for almost any mobile device
  • Requests housed in SharePoint or other databases (e.g., SQL Server)
  • Integration
    • External databases, systems, and applications
    • Knowledge base
    • Email
    • Surveys/polls
  • Self-service entering and tracking of requests
  • Distribute self-service features to any SharePoint site or page

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The CorasWorks Help Desk and Ticketing Solution is powered by the CorasWorks v11 Solution Platform and implemented and customized by CorasWorks Professional Services.  It runs on either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007.