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IT Request Management

IT Request Management and Fulfillment

Decreasing IT Costs and Making Customers Happy

The CorasWorks IT Request Management Solution on Microsoft SharePoint is a software-based solution that addresses the full request management and fulfillment lifecycle. Its core features and capabilities are designed so any IT Department can use it to improve the way it manages and fulfills requests from its customers.



Our IT Request Management solution offers two distinct areas of benefits. One, it provides visibility into the day-to-day operations of your IT Department and gives you the ability to ability to track, measure, and understand the request and fulfillment processes. The result of this visibility and the data/information obtained can have a significant and positive impact on your IT Department. And two, it makes your customers happy by providing higher levels of service and speeding the way you handle incoming requests.

Drive IT Costs Down

  • Add structure, control, and visibility to IT service delivery

  • Reduce the time spent taking, entering, and providing status on requests

  • Decrease response/fulfillment times

  • Optimize IT resources (staff and dollars), services, and processes

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Immediate resolution and fulfillment

  • Real-time status and updates

  • Better access to IT services

  • Faster response/fulfillment times

Key Features


Self Service

Self-service Portal – Give your customers the ability to do it themselves through the self-service portal. Through the portal they can fulfill their own requests through a knowledge base, get updates on the status of their requests, see announcements and notifications from the IT Department, and access IT services through the Service Catalog.

Service Catalog

Service Catalog – The Service Catalog serves as the menu of services provided by an IT Department to its customers. From the catalog, users can select the specific category and type of request, then complete and submit a request for that service. This allows the requests to be directly routed to the appropriate group for fulfillment, speeding response and fulfillment times.

Request Management

Request Lifecycle Management (Submittal through Fulfillment) – Our solution tracks and manages all requests through their full lifecycle, from the time a request is submitted through fulfillment. Business rules route the requests through pre-defined processes, and notifications and alerts ensure the requests receive the proper reviews and actions.

knowledge base

Knowledge Base – Your IT Team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the services it provides. We’ve included a Knowledge Base to house all that information and make it available. Help customers fulfill their own requests by giving them searchable access to the knowledge base.


Dashboards and Reporting – To accurately track and monitor incoming requests and the fulfillment process, and the key metrics associated with them, we’ve include real-time, interactive dashboards and reports. Configure the dashboards and reports to get the exact data and information you need.


Flexibility – Our solution is built to allow maximum flexibility so you can configure and customize it to map to your exact needs. Customize the portal, refine the service catalog, define multiple processes, or customize the dashboards and reporting for your KPIs. Our solution can be easily configured and customized to meet your needs.